9 Shortest Poems Ever | Quotes

Modern poetry is all about experimentation. As writers are also known to procrastinate on their own work, there has been an increase in (very) short poems over the centuries. Here are a few examples:

1. When John Donne’s secret marriage was found out…

2. A poem by Chinese expat Beidao, containing 3 characters. (Unfortunately, the characters didn’t survive my keyboard.)

3. Using Poet J. W. Curry’s Fingerprint:

4. Another “single character” poem, this one by Aran Saroyan!

5. Muhammed Ali’s poem on being Muhammed Ali

6. This classic, “Lines on The Antiquity of Microbes” by Strickland Gillilan

7. “Ode to A Goldfish” by Giles Brandreth

8. Another Aram Saroyan favorite!

9. Untitled, by Geof Huth

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