10 Awesome Free Fonts for Your Next Message

The late ’90s and early 2000s saw a huge increase in font usage, and I grew up using the most elaborate possible on everything I wrote. Of course, elaborate fonts aren’t practical for everyday usage–but when looking for a headline or title for something on a personal level, these free fonts  from 1001freefonts.com are worth the download!


one. And Love St.

What better way to advertise Dorm Date Night than with this heart-themed font? Southype’s And Love St. is fun, playful and romantic.


2. Th3 Machine

If you want something dangerous looking and possibly apocalyptic, Dennis Ludlow’s Th3 Machine is a perfect display font with faded letters, wires, and an eerie level of gracefulness.


3. Scrap It Up

How about something fun and doodly? Vanessa Bay’s Scrap It Up is a mix of different doodling styles blended into one fun font!


4. California

If summer can’t come soon enough, take a look at the font called “California” by Dirt2! Be prepared for lots of palm trees and fun in the sun.


5. Insektofobia

Let’s say you want equal parts pictures and letters. And you like bugs. You really, really like bugs. Check out Insektofobiya by Jovanny Lemonad and revel in the creepy crawlies!


6. One Two Trees

How about something more relaxing? Cloutierfontes has something you’ll love: One Two Trees! Every letter becomes a winding branch.


7. Barbarian

How about something comically dangerous? Say, a sword slashing through every single word? Yep, you can do that with Anthony Robinson’s Barbarian font!


8. Picture Alphabet

If you’re in the mood for some nostalgia, Picture Alphabet by Dieter Steffman looks more like it came out of a schoolbook in the 1700s than a font! But font it is.


9. Pablo Sans Caps

Showing off a new art exhibit? Check out Pablo Sans Caps by Manfred Klein and enjoy the unique angles of every letter.


10. Roman Grid Caps

What about using the letters themselves as art? Roman Grid Caps (also by Manfred Klein) shows all the measurements behind a popular family of fonts as a fascinating way to enjoy the letters themselves.

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