About Lumpy Guppy:

Lumpy Guppy is an online curation of fascinating online content meant to distract, entertain and keep you from being productive in any way. It’s also meant to absorb your soul and feed it to the fish, but if you like this site, I’ll convince it to spare you that fate.

Author Picture '16About Me:

Hello! I’m Amanda Clemmer, a full-time author who loves procrastinating by looking at fascinating pictures online. Please enjoy my curations, and remember to check out my author site at http://specterpoet.wix.com/amandaclemmer when you’re done (you can also get a free book for joining my readers’ club. Pretty sweet!).

For any questions regarding terms of use, ownership and copyright please check out the Legal Disclaimers page or email me at amandaclemmer@zoho.com.

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